Monday, February 25, 2002

Last night I watched a university professor attack proposals to limit or at least monitor student visas. Even now, in the aftermath of September 11th, the pointy-headed, politically-correct elitists speaking for the university still act like they are right and the world is wrong. They trot out the old arguments; they try to imply that being concerned about hundreds of thousands of foreigners running around America on expired visas is an act of racism.

The truth that they will never tell you is they oppose efforts to control student visas because foreign students are a major cash crop for the universities. They don't give a damn that they are allowing terrorists into our country. They don't give a damn that they are providing students from anti-American countries with the tools they need to kill us all. And they don't give a damn that the seats they give to foreign students means another American won't get to go to college.

Right now, we have to import foreign programmers because we supposedly don't have enough American graduates. So why are we helping our enemies at a time when we need to be graduating more American computers whiz kids?

The next time you hear one fo these university spokespersons simpering that "We cannot become global isolationists!" Or that "checking to see if people with student visas are actually taking classes would send a chilling message to potential foreign students", please tell them that they are full of baloney; that political correctness cannot hide their real motives; and that it is clear that they are putting their own profits ahead of the national interests of the nation and the safety of the American people. And then remind them that most of the terrorists we have rounded up got here on student visas.

Edward Nelson
U.S. Border Control

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