Wednesday, October 29, 2008

In campaign, Los Angeles company seeks to "Legalize L.A."

American Apparel, located in a pink factory in downtown Los Angeles, is a nightmare for those seeking enforcement of immigration laws. The company has made one statement in the ongoing election campaign. It is not for or against a candidate. American Apparel’s one statement, in a sprawling banner and in ads all over the city, is simple: “Legalize L.A.”

English-speaking audiences cannot get candidates Obama or McCain to talk about immigration, but American Apparel, the biggest garment manufacturer in the country, is getting its point across, saying legalizing foreign workers is good for business.

A special benefit for workers at American Apparel - telephone calls to family in Mexico are free. If also recently offered a voter registration drive for workers.

The company churns out some 230,000 garments a day in the factory, which it claims is 'sweatshop free.' American Apparel has never been raided, but it has let workers go whose papers are discovered to be false.

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