Wednesday, December 03, 2008

California Congressmen predict more amnesty legislation ahead

President-elect Barack Obama chose Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano as his secretary of Homeland Security, and according to two California Congressmen, that selection is a sign that the battle of amnesty will have to be waged again.

'I think it sends a clear signal that we’re in for a long fight on this amnesty issue because she’s clearly an open borders advocate,’’ said Rep. Royce.

Napolitano, he said, opposed Proposition 400 in Arizona in 2004 that would have required the state to verify the immigration status of people applying for welfare and requiring them to verify citizenship when voting. She only signed Arizona’s law requiring employers to verify the employment status of workers, he said, after it reached her desk a second time and clearly had overwhelming public support.

'Napolitano is someone who is not committed to stopping the most important security problem we have in America today and that’s illegal immigration, said Rep. Rohrabacher.

Napolitano has been hailed by immigration advocates as someone who supports comprehensive immigration reform and as a border governor who has been intimately involved in such issues.

Royce did note that Napolitano called for the National Guard to continue to patrol the border, something he supports and open border advocates have opposed. 'I would say that her choice is no better or worse than what George Bush has done on homeland security,’’ said Rohrabacher.

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