Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wisconsin landscape company targeted following fatal crash caused by illegal alien driver

In late March, a landscaping truck driven by an illegal alien hit an SUV and caused three fatalities in Richfield, Wisconsin. Terra Tec Landscapes,, the company that employed the three illegals in the truck, has become the target of email accusations.

'You are responsible,' 'You should all be ashamed,' and ’You have blood on your hands' are messages the company has received since the crash. The accident report has been filed, and it officially blamed the driver of the landscaping truck. No citations have been issued yet, but the report said the truck was going 'too fast for conditions.'

The three brothers in the landscaping truck, all illegal aliens, are in the custody of federal immigration authorities and face possible deportation.

Ricardo Guerrero was driving and had a valid license. The attorney for Terra Tec Landscaping said the brothers had filled out all the required employment forms.

A law firm representing the family of one of those who died said, 'The company is responsible for screening employees correctly -- their training and experience, and their conduct on the road.’

Besides the three fatalities, four other passengers in the sport utility vehicle were seriously hurt.


  1. That sounds par for the coarse . Same thing happened to me . The illegal didnt get arrested , no ticket , He didnt even have a license or insurance and was driving a local businessmans truck . He went back to Mexico for 2 weeks came back with a new social sercurity # New name And was given a $200,000 Tax free loan to open a Mexican Grocery Store . Who say's we have an Immmigration problem .

  2. They should be deported, end of story, they were here illegally, they were caught, send them back and out of country so the US tax payers can stop spending anymore money concerning these three people.
    And fine the crap out of the company that hired them. They have a legal obligation to screen employee's to make sure they are here to work LEGALLY and they failed to do so.
    Christ, I was born in the US, served 11 years in the US military, and still had to wait 4 weeks to start my new job, waiting so that copies of my birth certificate, and discharge paperwork could be verifed as authentic, apparently this company failed to do so!

  3. The men in the truck had been given drivers licenses from the DMV. If a license is allowed as a form of ID when applying for a job, and the men had false (valid, but not for them) identification, how is it the company's fault? If their background checks were good, the company can hire them. So shouldn't we really blame the DMV?

    Besides that, illegal immigrants or not, it was an accident. Accidents happen with legals and illegals the same.

  4. Does anybody know if they have been deported yet? Has the hiring company been fined yet?
    Concerned citizen: rrtroxell


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