Saturday, May 01, 2010

We MOVED the Blog

Dear Friends:

As we prepare for the coming battles over amnesty, states' rights to battle illegal immigration; and a real immigration reform bill dedicated to enforcement and eliminating all incentives for illegal immigration, we decided to move our blog to a better, more user- friendly platform  -- WordPress.  We also set up an account on Twitter so those of you who use social media can share information quickly with your friends via your desktop, laptop or smartphone.

In the weeks ahead, the action could happen quickly -- too fast for snail mail -- which is why we need to take advantage of all the social media available to spread the word quickly and keep you current.

Our victory over amnesty, when we win it, will be because of people like you who get the facts they need to take action.  Current subscribers to our current blog need to signup again at the new WordPress blog.  Go to our website or click on any or all of the options below.

Thank you for your efforts in saving our country.

Edward I. Nelson
U.S. Border Control

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