Sunday, August 19, 2007

Americans shocked at execution-style murder of black college students in New Jersey

Three bright black teenagers, preparing to leave violent Newark for the University of Delaware next month, lost their lives August 4 in an execution-style murder in a school playground. A fourth victim, the sister of one of those killed, was shot in the head but survived and has helped police identify suspects

Six suspects, including at least one illegal immigrant who was charged with raping a 5-year-old girl earlier this year, have been arrested in the New Jersey, Virginia and Maryland area. Despite the fact that gun violence has spiked in Newark in recent years and killings have increased more than 50 percent since 2002, the city and the nation were shocked and saddened by the murders.

Local officials are trying to explain the suspects was free on bail on two separate indictments at the time of the killings despite being in the country illegally. The known illegal, from Peru, was first arrested in West Orange, N.J., on aggravated assault charges after a bar fight last fall. Twice earlier this year he was arrested on charges that he raped a child in his care. He was allowed to post bail.

Following his arrest on murder charges, the illegal’s immigration status was reported when an employee in the sheriff’s office learned that his Social Security number was fake, The immigration service then issued a “detainer,” which gave federal agents the right to hold the man if and when local officials set him free.


  1. Just doing the things AMERICANS don't want to do !!!!!!!

  2. I don't like violence, But I think people like this need a taste of their own medicine. Especially when he shouldn't have been here in the first place.


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