Monday, August 06, 2007

Tancredo - By funding illegal alien healthcare, Democrats show they do not represent Americans

U.S. Representative Tom Tancredo (R-CO, presidential candidate and founder of the House Immigration Reform Caucus, has blasted Congressional Democrats for providing healthcare for illegal aliens. They had eliminated a requirement that anyone applying for Medicaid and State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) services provide proof of U.S. citizenship. The Democrat's new plan would raise taxes and make it easier for illegal aliens to obtain taxpayer-funded medical benefits.

“The Democrats have again proven their loyalty to illegal aliens over American citizens,” Tancredo said, referring to the failed Senate Amnesty plan. “Rather than help middle class families as they promised, Congressional Democrats are squeezing tax dollars out of Americans in order to benefit those who have violated our laws.”

Tancredo said that Congressional Democrats, still sore from the failed Amnesty bill, came up with the new provision which opens the door for “free” healthcare for illegal aliens funded by American taxpayers and small businesses. “This socialistic plan only encourages more illegal immigration. When will these out-of-touch Democrats realize that Americans do not want to subsidize illegal aliens?”


  1. Yes, I've just read that SCRIPS will include coverage for all illegal's children. This monster has to be decapitated for good. We are not a bottomless pit that can "give all to everyone." The Democrats may have control of the Congress now but not for long.

  2. I am GREATLY encouraged that Rep. Tancredo is leading the fight against unchecked illegal immigration. I am following the fight closely and will definitely not throw my vote away to any of our political electees who voted to support or in any enable the snowballing problem of illegal immigration.

  3. As founder of the Immigration Reform Caucas, Rep Tancredo has all my support and attention. He is definitely on point with this issue and I will continue to follow his efforts closely. Regarding SCHIP, the Dems will not stop until this nation is completely under the umbrella of Socialism, and it is obvious they are desensitized to the term "illegal". Resorting to such lowly maneuvers to increase their voting base is nauseating to me.

  4. Tom Tancredo 08.


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