Sunday, October 14, 2007

“Migrant Air” flies crossers to U.S. border

New airlines services, including Avolar, Interjet, Click and Volaris, are operating in Mexico, using rock-bottom fares to cater to legal and illegal migrants heading for the USA. The airlines take passengers from central or southern Mexico to cities on the northern border such as Tijuana and Mexicali.

Customers then make their way across the U.S. border. Some routes offer only one-way service, and many flights return south nearly empty of passengers. Passengers used to make bus trips of several days now arrive at the border well-rested for the often dangerous desert crossing.

"The most productive routes we have are cities where you have those passengers who are traveling with the idea of the American dream," said Luis Ceceña, an Avolar spokesman. He said the airlines should not be responsible for policing their passengers. "We have a saying in Mexico: 'Let the other hens cackle, you take care of your own eggs,' " he said. "It's a good business for us, and we're going to keep taking care of those customers."

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