Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Poll shows Mexicans believe they own U.S. Southwest, should be free to enter U.S.

A new, two nation poll from Zogby International shows that a large majority of Mexicans believes the southwest U.S. rightfully belongs to Mexico, and that they should be free to enter the U.S. without obtaining U.S. permission.

The largest majority in the poll, however, was found among the 68 percent of Americans who support use of the military to guard the border. The survey was conducted in the U.S. and in Mexico in May.

The poll was conducted for Americans for Immigration Control, Inc. "While most Americans want immigration reduced, most Mexicans think they don't even need permission to enter our country. This poll clearly shows there is less common ground for immigration negotiations between Mexico and the U.S. than leaders think. Support for a porous border and a loose migration policy occurs only on the Mexican side, not in the U.S." said Robert Goldsborough, AIC president.

The survey found a wide majority, 65 percent, of Americans oppose amnesty for illegal aliens, and a large majority, 58 percent, agree that the U.S. should "admit fewer immigrants each year."


  1. If that were true then technically this is the Native American's (my people) lands but lack of education may lead immigrants to believe that this is their "homeland". If I remember even back farther than that I think the Vikings were really the first people here but I may be making that up.

    Laws are established for a reason in any land and should be obeyed period. There isn't a line that should be crossed.

    If we hadn't spent so many years ignoring the illegal immigration problem for so long then they wouldn't be demanding freedoms they have not earned.

  2. Actually, the so-called "Native Americans" (I hate that term, even though I am one) pushed others out when they migrated from Asia.

    You're right; the Vikings were here before Colombus. That makes the US mine by two different routes.

    However, when we start talking about the law, someone who was neither born in the US nor became a citizen by naturalization is NOT a US citizen. If they enter the country without going through the process defined by current law, they are illegal and should be incarcerated; when their sentence is up they should be deported.


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