Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bush administration abandons plan to penalize businesses that employ illegal immigrants

It was to be a major step forward in immigration enforcement, but the Bush Administration has abandoned, and is now revising, its strategy for penalizing businesses that hire illegal immigrants. The rules would have required employers to fire workers if their Social Security numbers didn't match records and if the discrepancies couldn't be resolved within 90 days.

Last month, a federal judge in San Francisco issued a temporary injunction stopping the government from enforcing the rules. The judge said errors in the Social Security database could cost legal workers their jobs. He also said the government hadn't properly studied the effect of the rules on businesses.

The Administration has now told the judge that it will have new rules on the issue ready by spring. The judge has giving the administration until March 24th.


  1. The Bush administration does not give a "hoot" about our country's illigal immigration problem and that's a real shame. I wish we had someone in the White House who really cares.

  2. Proud but discouraged AmericanNovember 29, 2007 at 12:29:00 AM EST

    This administration will surely go down as the worst in history ! How can Bush be so concerned about terrorism in the US by Occupying Iraq at the cost of over 3800 Americans and a Half a Trillion dollars. And yet our very own borders of America are our biggest threat to our security ! Please wake up people. Mr.Bush and this administration is not for the best interest for us "the taxpayer" or our children's future. I'm so glad I did'nt vote for him! God help us !!!!! BDR P.O. FL.

  3. This has been the worst president of my life time. Between big businesses, Republicans & Democrats our country is being given away. 1952 laws on are not being followed. We all need to wake up & take charge of our desires of not letting in uneducated people, MS 13 gangs & drugs into this country. I won't live long enough to see the debt paid off Bush has run up for this no win political war, if it ever gets paid back. Our country needed that money to rebuild the USA. We all need to pray someone can be in charge with some intelligence. Bush has the lowest IQ in the last 50 presidents, his father is next. Perhaps all wanta be's should present their IQ scores? Is there one for common sense?


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