Saturday, January 26, 2008

McCain doublespeak on border security includes advice from ‘Mexico-First’ promoter

John McCain claims he has “learned his lesson,” that he has heard the concerns of Americans and now understands that we need to secure the border before enacting any “comprehensive” immigration reform. McCain likes to appear at campaign events where he meets with security-oriented groups, such as the VFW.

But McCain also says that he hasn’t changed his position. He supported amnesty in 2003, and proposed it in 2006 and 2007 with Massachusetts Senator Edward M. “Ted” Kennedy. Where does he stand now?

The truth becomes clearer knowing that the McCain campaign’s Hispanic Outreach Director is none other than Dr. Juan Hernandez, an open-borders, ‘Mexico First’ fanatic, a Texas-born dual citizen who served as Director of the Office of Mexican’s Living Abroad for Mexico President Vicente Fox.

Hernandez lobbied to make life easier for Mexican migrants in the United States, worked to cut the costs of money transfers, helped win lower tuition at Texas state universities, and has urged U.S. states to loosen restrictions on drivers' licenses. Is there any reason to think that Hernandez would encourage a President McCain to secure the border? Is there any reason to believe a candidate will secure the border if he is getting his Hispanic Outreach advice from Dr. Juan Hernandez?


  1. Juan Hernandez is in charge of the Spanish language "UniVision". He wants people to not speak English so he has a growing audience.


  2. Don't ya just love it when this Sheriff says what it is, i.e. "Since when do I have to call a politician?"

    Go Sheriff Arpaio!!



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