Thursday, April 10, 2008

Parents of murdered LA teen seek repeal of Los Angeles’ Special Order 40

Jamiel Shaw Jr., 17, was shot to death March 2 as he walked home in South Los Angeles. Pedro Espinoza, 19, an illegal immigrant and a gang member, has been charged with murder in Jamiel's slaying. Espinoza was released from a Los Angeles County jail one day before the shooting after serving time for assault with a deadly weapon.

Jamiel's parents have called for passage of a law requiring Los Angeles police to hunt down gang members who are illegal immigrants, altering Special Order 40, a 30-year old policy which prohibits city police officers from asking about immigration status or enforcing immigration law. The new law would require police to work with federal officials "to identify, arrest, prosecute, imprison and deport illegal aliens who are, or appear to be, gang members or affiliate gang members," regardless of whether they have committed any other crimes.

"My son was murdered by someone that was not in the country legally," Jamiel's father told the Los Angeles City Council. "We want him back, but we can't get him back," he said, adding "We're not living in Beirut or Iraq. We're living in a nice neighborhood. He thought he was safe."

Police said the shooting was carried out by two Latino gang members who pulled up in a car and asked Jamiel Jr. where he was from - a question about gang affiliation. The teen, who did not belong to a gang, was shot before he could answer.

As the City Council considered the request, a dozen or more speakers blamed Special Order 40 for gang-related homicides. Council members did not specifically respond to the comments.


  1. They need to change this! Los Angeles is partially responsible for Jamiel's murder. They should be ashamed of themselves. Illegal immigrant gang bangers are running the streets by killing and terrorizing the city's citizens. This is PC correctness and tribalism run amok.

  2. Of course the city members did not comment...what can they say? The PC in this country seems to be more important to most of the city, county, state, and country officials than people are or American law is. And will stay that way if the extreme liberals have any say about it! It is time to take back our country and our morals!!

  3. Amen on taking back our country and morals. Crime, killings, what be it.. Our streets have become a playground for these losers to play on. If the cops can 't take control, maybe the people should !


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