Friday, June 13, 2008

Leader of Mexican kidnapping ring arrested at the California DMV

Jose Manuel Garibay Felix, 24, one of the leaders of a Mexican kidnapping and drug trafficking organization, was arrested June 6 at a California Department of Motor Vehicles Office.

Felix was arrested by FBI Agents based on a provisional arrest request from Mexico. An 11-page complaint on file with the U.S. District Court in Los Angeles says Felix and his relatives led the Los Garibay organization, which was based at the Los Garibay Ranch in the Mexicali Valley of Baja California. The group was “devoted to drug trafficking, kidnapping, murder, armed robbery and theft,” the complaint says.

The complaint goes on to say the organization kidnapped and killed a police officer from the Public Prosecutor's Office. “The fugitive had ordered the police officer killed, since he was going after the Garibay organization,” it says.

Felix is being held in San Diego pending extradition to Mexico.

Felix had been believed to be living in Riverside with a sister but it's not clear why he was at the DMV. He had applied for a driver's license in 2007 with a Lawndale address, the complaint stated.


  1. Jose may not need to worry. G.W. will most likely save him. If he won't our next president will want to give drivers license to Mexicans. I'm so tired of us giving this country away.

  2. Chi nga tu madre ra tero jo to mexicalli esta de fiesta ya que no estan ustedes ra ter os jo tos


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