Tuesday, June 03, 2008

New Georgia law requires police to check immigration status of jailed drivers

A new Georgia law, effective July 1, establishes a two-day mandatory minimum jail sentence for anyone convicted a first time of driving without a license. The measure also makes it a felony to drive without a license on the fourth conviction in a five-year period.

The law requires jailers to check the nationality and legal status of those convicted and to report anyone in the U.S. illegally to immigration officials for deportation.

'This bill addresses a serious problem in Georgia, which is people driving without ever having been issued a driver's license,' said state Sen. John Wiles (R-Kennesaw), sponsor of Senate Bill 350. 'People are dying as a result of these drivers, and the law is necessary for public safety,' he said.

Cpl. David Schiralli of the Gwinnett County Police Department said it's likely illegal immigrants be arrested for violations because they have no way to legally obtain a Georgia driver's license. 'Illegals who work have to get to work one way or another. You'd think they probably know they're breaking the law to get there.'


  1. Makes sense to me. Kudos to Georgia and Sen. John Wiles!

  2. It is about time! Most immigrants dont have a license, insurance, or a valid I.D. of any kind, making it hard for law enforcement to wirte even a ticket. It has been said it is easier to let them go due to being unable to prove who they are. Not to mention the language barrier.

  3. And what about the illegals who are trying to get legal, who are using a tax id to pay taxes, and who are getting held up by immigration issues? My husband has been trying to get legal for years, and it is near impossible unless you have thousands of dollars. I am unable to work, and he takes care of me, my son, and my mother. He has never committed a crime in his life, and the worst thing he's ever done is to drive with no license. Is it fair for him not to be able to at least get some sort of permit? I think not. We would be homeless without him. That would be 3 AMERICAN CITIZENS and one illegal on the street if he got deported.


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