Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Oregon license rules dramatically decrease demand

A law passed in February requires Oregon driver's license applicants to present a verifiable Social Security number before their application can be considered. As of July, applicants for driver's licenses were also required to show proof of citizenship.

Since the ID rules went into effect, the number of license applicants asking to take the written knowledge test in Spanish has dramatically declined. David House of the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles says that many of the would-be drivers cannot provide a valid Social Security number or valid proof of citizenship, so they don't apply for a license or a renewal.

There are now 65% fewer Spanish-speaking applicants than there were before the ID verifications went into effect, he noted.

Previous federal immigration investigations have uncovered large-scale, illegal businesses involved in the manufacture or theft of Social Security cards. An Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raid of a Portland, Oregon manufacturing company turned up numerous stolen ID's. But the new driver's license requirements demand more than a Social Security card. They also require some sort of official U.S. document like a passport, a birth certificate or immigration papers, which are much less common, and more expensive, in the forgery business.


  1. Frankly, it's about time. Nobody should be allowed to take ANY test for a license of ANY kind in Spanish or any other language. This is an English speaking nation despite the cowardice and stupidity of Congress and the rest of the Federal Government. I'm tired of American products being "bi-lingual" and of companies offering "Dial 1 for English". If you can't speak English, what are you doing here?

    We are losing our identity as a nation. We need to stop immigration, legal and illegal - especially from Latin America - NOW while this is still the United States instead of Mexico North.

  2. I believe in freedom, and if this people are not harming anyone and they are capable to drive and have insurance, they should. They are part of our society already at least they are trying to do what they can. In my opinion, Native of Americans are the true Spirit of this Nation, since they were here before you, I and our ancestries.Lets stop this negativity. God has Blessed this Nation for many reasons. Stop the profiling on the Latin America people. I am an American Citizen, and I hate to see this happening getting divided on something without fundamentals. Lets see the circumstances that led this people on a long journey to try given a better opportunities to their families.Let see, not all of them come from Mexico, many come from as far as Peru or El Salvador. They have to go over different countries to get to our nation. A lot of suffering for this individuals. Instead of judging lets think of solutions to help our government help good people with good intentions. Our Nation's identity is about being humble, Friendly, reaching out to others in need. That's who we are as a Nation. We are blessed and fortunate to have the opportunity of being here in the USA. We the people of the United States don't see Nationalities, Color or Raises. Lets focus on peace no war. Show the American Love! Think about it. United States is build by immigrants and diversity. Lets open our hearts and minds. God Bless!


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