Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Women loses husband, two sons to road rage as a result of San Francisco’s sanctuary law

Danielle Bologna's husband and two sons were gunned down a month ago by an illegal alien. Now, she is demanding San Francisco do something about its sanctuary law.

Edwin Ramos, 21, an illegal alien from El Salvador, gunned down Anthony Bologna, and the couple’s two sons, Matthew and Michael, in a road rage incident. The family was returning from a picnic. Ramos has been charged with three counts of murder. Under the city’s sanctuary policy, Ramos had remained in San Francisco despite committing previous crimes.

"Had the city done something, this animal would not have taken my family," Mrs. Bologna said. "The government should have stepped in. They allow these immigrants to come in and how dare they strip our families like this."

Ramos had been convicted of two gang-related felonies while a juvenile and remained in San Francisco because the city’s Juvenile Probation Department did not alert federal authorities. San Francisco's 1989 "City of Refuge" ordinance prohibits city agencies from contacting the feds on immigration matters.

But federal officials also knew about Ramos' immigration status when he was arrested on a gun charge in March. They never however, put an immigration hold on him.

Mrs. Bologna blames the city. "I want justice. I want the people to see: If my family wasn’t safe, what makes you think yours will be?"

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