Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Illegals a step closer to California driver's licenses

State legislation that would allow illegal aliens to get California driver's licenses is a step closer to becoming a law, after the bill passed the State Senate in late August. If it became law, an estimated 2.2 million illegals would apply for a license within 18 months.

'I think they should be able to get licenses just like everybody else,' said Nicole Holland, a Fresnan who supports the bill.

Senator Gilbert Cedillo, (D-Los Angeles) Senate District 22, is the bill's author. He said he started working on it about 10 years ago. He says it ‘isn't about immigrants, it's about highway safety.'

'As the legislature, it's our job to make the roadways safe,' said Cedillo.

"They are already committing a crime coming over here," said Albert Ratliff, a Fresnan who opposes the bill. "I don't think anybody deserves a license until they are a citizen."

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  1. They get to drive legally and pick up more illegal immigrants coming across our borders---what a country! Isn't this how we got into trouble with this housing foreclosure fiasco? It was about NO rules---a big free for all!


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