Sunday, September 07, 2008

San Francisco delays start of its city ID card program

The city of San Francisco is delaying its new “city ID card” program which would give cards to everyone who can prove they have lived in the city for 15 days or more. The Mayor, Gavin Newsom, has asked that the program be suspended "until a thorough review has been completed.”

Newsom's spokesman says that the mayor now wants to ensure that the program “complies with all applicable federal and state laws.” The Mayor has said he sees the program making it easier for San Francisco citizens to qualify for local services and for city government workers to determine who is eligible for them. Such a program is in place in New Haven, Connecticut, and is being considered in New York City and Miami.

Many observers believe that illegal aliens will be the most eager clients for the San Francisco ID, and will use that card for banking, to get a driver's license, or even to register to vote.

San Francisco's policies toward illegal immigrants have come under intense scrutiny after it was recently revealed that a number of juvenile offenders were shielded from deportation because of the city's sanctuary policy. That scrutiny increased after an illegal alien, who had been shielded from deportation as a juvenile, was arrested for the murder of three San Francisco citizens, all members of the same family, early this summer.

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