Thursday, January 01, 2009

Mexican already deported 10 times arrested on multiple sexual assault charges

A Mexican national who has been deported from the country 10 times has been arrested for several alleged sexual assaults in San Diego dating back to 2004.

Carlos Ceron Salazar was booked into San Diego Central Jail for a December 2006 attack on a woman jogger in San Diego's Miramar Lake Recreation area.

The victim told officers that she was grabbed by the neck and forced to the ground. The woman bit the attacker so hard on the hand that when he jerked it away two of her teeth were pulled out. She got away and called for help.

DNA linked Salazar to the Miramar Lake assault and to a September 2004 assault in nearby Poway, California. Salazar also is a suspect in a December 2005 sexual assault attempt.

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