Monday, January 26, 2009

Travel in Mexico prohibited for US military

The outbreak of violence in Mexico has prompted Southern Arizona's largest military installation to restrict troop travel and warn military families and civilian staffers to stay out of Mexico. The troops stationed at Fort Huachuca must get prior approval from the Army post's top brass to cross the border. Violators are subject to military discipline.

The 44,000 U.S. Marines in Southern California are also now prohibited from Mexico’s Tijuana. Citing a wave of violence and murder in Mexico, the commanding officer of the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force based at Camp Pendleton has made the popular military "R&R" destination and its nearby beaches effectively off-limits for Marines.

Said Mike Alvarez, civilian public information officer for the unit at Camp Pendleton, "The situation in Mexico is now more dangerous than usual. The intent is just to look out for the Marines' safety and well-being."

What is going on here? If it is unsafe for tough, well-trained American soldiers to visit Mexico, why hasn't our State Department issued a warning to students, families, indeed, all Americans to stay out of Mexico? It becomes obvious that the people running our government are withholding the truth so they can continue to advance their plans for open borders, possibly even a North American Union where the U.S., Mexico and Canada are united into a borderless, European-style, economic union.

If there was ever a time to close our borders with Mexico and Canada, this is it. Mexico is on the verge of a possible bloody revolution and Canada has become a staging area for Islamic terrorists. Anybody who thinks dissolving the borders with these two nations makes sense is either completely out of his or her mind or are in the employ of the multinational conglomerates who care nothing at all about the nations they are destroying.


  1. I am not a coward, but I am not a fool. Mexico is a nice piece of territory of American continent, but it's also a dangerous place to go even just on a trip..
    I'd rather to be as far as possible from there.
    God bless you and them!

  2. You guys are idiots yea close the borders ur smart and the reason they wouldn't let you go there is that they spend to much money to train us I doubt we will tryn into a eurpean type country ridiculous when's the last time a terrorist came from Canada and mexicans a bitter to solders it goes all the way back to 1851


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