Monday, January 11, 2010

Virtual Fence on Hold

A couple of weeks ago CBS's Anderson Cooper went downto the border to take a look at a huge smuggler's tunnel, complete with electric lights, telephones and even a crude elevator.

And last night, January 10th, CBS's lead story on 60 Minutes concerned the lack of progress on completing the so-called 'virtual fence', a billion dollar boondoggle that has been going through three Administrations, both Republican and Democrat.

CBS and the people they interviewed blamed the lack of progress on stupidity and a bumbling bureaucracy. And, to be sure, there's certainly plenty of that going around.

But there's a bigger, darker reason why this and all the other efforts to secure our borders have failed -- neither political party wants to close our borders.

The Republicans, despite all their bluster and baloney about patriotism, are keeping the borders open to provide their fat cat contributors with the cheap illegal alien labor they need to increase their profit margins.

And the Democrats, despite all the empty promises about protecting the jobs for American workers, are holding the door open for millions of illegal aliens because each one represents a new Democrat voter.

So the politicians from both parties are putting their own selfish interests ahead of the safety and welfare of the American people. And that, my friends, is the simple reason why our borders remain open to drugs, disease, uncontrolled immigration and terrorism.

Editor’s note: If you recognize the name of the candidate, don’t vote for him/her. It’s time to start over with a clean slate.

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  1. "If you recognise - - -don't vote - -" Refers to what?? Name on the ballot in Nov.?? I won't, but that's a long way off. More immediately, we the concerned ought to make MUCHO noise that we actually have the WILL to throw them ALL out on their - - butts. ALL!! Every durn one!! Clean slate in Congress. Then the only allegences will be to the voters.


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