Thursday, January 07, 2010

Winning the war on terrorism.

America cannot fight simultaneous land wars in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen. It’s ridiculous! We don’t have the troops or the equipment to sustain a serious land war on two fronts, let alone three, four or five separate fronts on multiple continents. And the terrorists can increase the number of fronts at any time, merely by sending out suicide bombers to as many countries as they wish.

This is the wrong way to fight terrorism and we will continue to waste American lives in battlefields throughout the world as long as we are foolish enough to fight the terrorists on their terms.

The real threat of terrorism is not in Asia, Africa or the Middle East. It is on our own borders and at every port of entry into the United States. We don’t need to run all over the world looking for handfuls of terrorists to fight. We need only stop them at our own borders. Unfortunately, sealing our borders is just about the only thing our government has steadfastly refused to do.

If our leaders had done this after 9/11, as the American people expected them to do, there would be no threat of terrorism in the United States. But today, nine years later, our borders are still wide open and, undoubtedly, many terrorists have already slipped across our borders.

Many American are beginning to ask themselves why we allow our politicians to squander our military might, our wealth and the lives of our sons and daughters defending the borders of dozens of nations worldwide, even as they ignore the clear and present danger at our own borders.

The Congress believes it is grappling with the important issues of the day, like health care and the economy. But if they continue to ignore our immigration policies and securing our borders against drugs, disease, illegal migration and terrorism, things like jobs and health care won't mean a thing.

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