Thursday, April 01, 2010

Congressional Black Congress Betraying Its Own People

Black unemployment has never been worse in America. Sixteen percent of black workers are unemployed, and among Black teens, a staggering 44.9 percent are out of work. Of course, part of this can be blamed on the fact that it has been a terrible time for all American workers.
African-American workers have been hit hard in states like Michigan where auto plant closings are taking a big toll on jobs. And marginable jobs, often filled by teenagers, are being eliminated as employers are forced to cut corners.

But there is a bigger, more ominous reason why Black American workers are feeling the hit more than the rest of the population. The reason is that those 30-40 million illegal aliens living in America are taking many of the jobs previously held by Black Americans – thanks, in a big way, to the efforts of the 43 members of the Congressional Black Caucus who, time and time again, have demonstrated that they are happy to take the side of the illegal alien against their own people!

Tens of millions of jobs are currently held by illegal aliens – jobs that ought to belong to American workers. But the Black Caucus has consistently opposed laws designed to prevent illegal aliens from stealing American jobs. There are at least a half dozen bills stuck in the Congress that would require employers to use Employment Eligibility Verification to ensure they were not hiring illegal aliens – but not one member of the CBC is a cosponsor of any of these bills.

Why not? Aren’t Democrats, especially Black Democrats, supposed to be the great friend of the American worker? So why aren’t they stepping up to save these jobs for Americans? Why are they putting the interests of illegal aliens ahead of their own people?

And why aren't Black Americans furious with this group of Congressmen who actually formed a Caucus designed specifically to address the concerns of African-Americans?

Right now, the CBC has come out in favor of an amnesty for millions of illegal aliens. Last year, Rep. Yvette D. Clark, the whip of the CBC, supported Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez’ amnesty bill that was chock full of loopholes and rich with benefits for illegal aliens.

Instead of allying themselves with radicals in Congress who want to hand our country over to tens of millions of illegal aliens, the CBC should be joining with those who recognize that open borders and uncontrolled immigration will destroy our nation and ruin the lives of all Americans of every color.

African-Americans! It's time to wake up and join the figh to save our country -- before it's too late!

Black, white, yellow or brown, if you’d like to share your thought with the CBC, here is how to do it:

Congressional Black Caucus
2444 Rayburn Building
Washington, DC 20515
Telephone: 202-226-9776
Fax: 202-225-9817

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  1. My God! What are we becoming as a society ? Arizona citizens who support this law should be ashamed of themselves! Are we really so insecure?

  2. Yes, we are insecure, thanks to a government that thinks, like you, that in the midst of a war on terrorism; an economy unable to recover; and, with tens of millions of Americans unemployed and losing their homes, we might, just this once, put our own self-interests first and close the borders to illegal aliens.

    Do you really have a problem with that?

  3. So why aren’t they stepping up to save these jobs for Americans? Why are they putting the interests of illegal aliens ahead of their own people?


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