Thursday, May 17, 2007

Kyl, McCain sell out to amnesty in immigration proposal

The Bush administration and negotiating Senators, including Democrats and a number of Republications, announced an immigration deal Thursday that makes a multistep amnesty program available to more than 12 million illegal aliens. In the program, Illegal aliens would have to come forward and receive probationary status while the government continues to build fencing and vehicle barriers on the border and institutes better checks to make sure employers are hiring legal workers.

Once the security improvements are finished, ‘probationary’ aliens could apply for a visa putting them on the path to citizenship, though they would have to return to their home countries before collecting a green card, the intermediary step to citizenship.

The plan would create a temporary worker system for future foreign workers. It would also rewrite the entire legal immigration system to favor those with key work skills rather than relatives of those already in the U.S.

The deal was announced at a press conference attended by seven Republicans, three Democrats and two Cabinet secretaries: Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff and Commerce Secretary Carlos M. Gutierrez. Arizona Republican Senator Jon Kyl, a key player in the agreement, said he felt pressure during last year's election to "do something."


  1. It's too bad the elites run this country like a plantation. They do not see the effect of the illegals in society. God forbid English is learned! The Republicans are marching in lock step with the Dems on this and anything else pertaining to illegals.

  2. English? Hell no, don't you see how we cater to them?
    Don't forget it's not press 1 for Spanish, it's press 1 for English!

  3. "God forbid English is learned!"

    Every single Democratic Presidential candidate is on record *against* English as our official language.

    "The Republicans are marching in lock step with the Dems on this and anything else pertaining to illegals."

    Not all of them. The Cornyn amendment to bar criminal aliens from getting the Z visa amnesty was opposed by most Democrats and supported by most Republicans.

    Enough Republicans are lining up with this egregious bill, and Bush is lined up too, that America is being sold out on the cheap.


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