Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Tancredo promises an end to pro-illegal rallies

Though he's seen it before, Tom Tancredo was shocked “Imagine the gall - they sneak in here, wave their flags and demand benefits. 'Give us healthcare, give us welfare, school our children, and now, make us citizens!' We have all these people parading their illegal status in the street and instead of arresting them the news is putting them on television."

For the Presidential candidate, the pro-illegal rallies held May 1 were shocking, and not to be repeated. “The good news is that with your help we are going to put an end to all this. We have already started.”

Tancredo received some of the loudest applause from 1,000 Republican party loyalists in attendance at the annual Lincoln Day dinner as he railed against illegal immigrants. “We are destroying the concept of citizenship itself,” he said. “America, and indeed Western civilization, are in a crisis,” he added, “We are not going to quit.

“When it comes to immigration, Giuliani, McCain, Romney and Brownback are all peas of the same pod. They love to talk about their experience in public service -- they may have the competence to run the country but they certainly don't have the courage to defend it. It's just you and me, friends. It is our country, together we are going to take it back.”


  1. they break all our law they think they can use force to scare the american people in to putting there head's in the sand and thinking the problem will go away it won't

  2. No it won't go away and I won't back down!


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