Tuesday, May 29, 2007

North Carolina Congressman condemns immigration proposal

Walter Jones, Congressman from North Carolina's Third District, says he finds it outrageous that Senator Kennedy's compromise bill on illegal immigration "means compromising our nation's respect for the rule of law and embracing illegal aliens with open arms. Instead of pushing amnesty to reward lawbreakers, this Congress needs to take a responsible step toward meaningful immigration reform with legislation that reestablishes respect for immigration laws, demands accountability by cracking down on employers hiring illegal workers and smugglers trafficking in human beings, and confronts the emerging problem of alien gangs.

"The illegal immigration crisis is causing higher taxes for social services, higher costs for health insurance, and it costs our public schools millions every year. It also threatens our national security, as our open borders provide an easy entry point for terrorists who wish to do us harm."

"Too many illegal immigrants are able to cross our borders and too many criminals are able to exploit our immigration laws," Jones said. "It is absolutely critical that we regain control of our nation's borders and strengthen immigration enforcement - without amnesty."

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  1. Please keep up the work against ILLEGAL immigrants.


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