Monday, June 11, 2007

Bush isn't giving up on amnesty yet, spokesman brags "We could wrap this up in two days"

President Bush isn't giving up on his amnesty plan, which would legalize millions of illegal immigrants. Once he returns from a European trip, he will seek to convince skeptical GOP senators that they should pass Senate legislation for a solution better than the current situation.

Tony Snow, White House spokesman, and Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez, predicted an immigration bill would pass after Bush meets with lawmakers this week and Congress reconsiders the measure. When asked what Bush planned to say, Snow admitted "One of the concerns a lot of people have, is 'Look, how can we trust you guys to enforce this? You had a border that's been open for 21 years. How can we trust you?"'

Snow said the Senate could "wrap this up in two days" if Reid allowed additional debate on it.

"Our sense is if Majority Leader Harry Reid brings it back up, which he should, and permits a full debate, ... we're not only going to get a bill, but we're going to get a better bill, that provides a way of answering skeptics on issues like security," Snow said.

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