Saturday, June 09, 2007

Notes from the amnesty campaign - "Oh, no, it's not dead"

Often the best quotes come from the intensity of a political campaign, in this case the one launched by George Bush, Ted Kennedy and John McCain to grant amnesty to over 12 million illegal aliens. The first such quote must go to Senator Lindsey Graham, "Oh, no, it's not dead." Graham's fellow South Carolina Republican, Sen. Jim DeMint, doesn't see it that way. Of the legislation, he said, "It's time to scrap this mess of a bill," he said.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called on Bush to pressure wavering Republicans to support the measure. "We are helping him," Reid said, "He can't help himself."

In his weekly Saturday radio address President Bush said the nation's current immigration situation is unacceptable, and urged senators to try again to pass legislation that is "the best option available." Those who oppose the bill might well be surprised that the President recognizes that the current immigration situation is unacceptable, and would like to suggest that the situation would improve if only his administration would enforce the law.

"John McCain has always prided himself as a man who marches to the beat of a different drummer," said Colorado Represenative and Presidential candidate Tom Tancredo, "How depressing to learn that the drummer is Ted Kennedy." A South Carolina Republican who resigned from McCain's campaign this week said, "I feel
McCain and Graham are out of touch with the people of South Carolina. They are listening to the illegal aliens and not the citizens. We have lot of illegal aliens."

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