Thursday, November 27, 2008

30 illegal aliens arrested in routine traffic stops over eight hours in Arizona county

Despite a slumping economy and a lack of jobs, the Sheriff for Arizona’s Maricopa county, which includes Phoenix, says his deputies see little change in the number of illegals they find in routine traffic stops. In eight hours on a recent Monday, deputies made 30 arrests of illegals in a span of eight hours.

The first two vehicles they stopped, a SUV and a Minivan, were determined to be smuggling vehicles, and contained 25 people, including two Coyotes (Mexican smugglers).

The illegals admitted they each paid between $500 and $8000 each for transport into the United States.

A third vehicle was stopped later in the evening with six people, and all were determined to be in the country illegally.

"Our unemployment rates are through the roof. Americans everywhere are struggling to make ends meet," said Maricopa Sheriff Joe Arpaio. "Yet these illegal aliens are still coming. What other proof is needed to show that stricter immigration laws must be enforced?"

The arrests bring the total arrests made by the Sheriff's Office under the felony Arizona State Human Smuggling Law, which became effective in January 2008, to 1,357 including both smugglers and their human cargo.


  1. Sheriff Arapio has to be the BEST Sheriff in the US. All Sheriff's and town/city police should follow his lead in upholding the laws. He should be Secretary of Homeland Defense and maybe something would get done to stop milking the US taxpayers... can you imagine one county making 1,357 arrests of illegals and if all town/ciy police would do the same, how many illegals would be history.. Way to go Joe!!!

  2. no his the worst his treating them as if they were creaminals is that what they have to pay just for a bettr life ... and if thats you that think this why do you put anonymous if you were brave enough you would put who you really truly are. arapio is only seperating families, discrimanatting and worst of all he gets people who are actually working at least criminal but no he gets people who are hard working...and what theres many here that are legal but dont even work there just out side of stores beggin for money illegals only beg for work thats a big honor..and yes they are paying taxes as well as there are paying higher pices like insurrances tution, ect. they pay more expensive prices just for the fact that they dont have a social security like us and i think thats just unfair and your just bein races....


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