Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tancredo plans to oontinue his crusade against illegal immigration

Outgoing Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo might not be leaving the political limelight for long. 'I'm not done with politics,' Tancredo declared before Thanksgiving, as his staff was packing up his old congressional office.

After five terms in Congress Tancredo says he's not finished making noise about his crusade to stop illegal immigration.

That could mean working for an immigration-focused think tank. It could mean talk radio, or a behind-the-scenes role in Colorado Republican politics. Or it could mean throwing his hat into the ring for another campaign of his own.

Tancredo and his defenders said they doubt the country would be talking about securing the U.S. borders and cracking down on illegal immigrants without his loud, incessant demands.

The way he figures it, someone had to stretch the 'outer limit of the debate,' to give other conservatives the cover to talk about the immigration-control issue while still arguing that at least they weren't as extreme as Tancredo.

His 6th District seat is about to be filled by Secretary of State Mike Coffman. Tancredo expects Coffman to be strong on immigration issues, although doesn't expect him to try to match his own fervor.

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