Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Perry demands assistance from ICE in deporting alien criminals

Texas Governor Rick Perry has demanded that the federal government take steps to help state and local officials ensure that illegal aliens who commit crimes remain in custody until they are deported. Perry said he was "outraged'' to learn that many convicted immigrants in Texas jails were released after they completed their jail sentences instead of being deported.

"Texas has spent the last four years investing unprecedented amounts of state resources to secure our border with Mexico. To now learn that criminal aliens who have been jailed are being released back into our communities by federal authorities who have neglected to secure our border is infuriating and unconscionable,'' he said.

Perry was reacting to recent reports describing how federal immigration officials have allowed scores of violent criminals to be freed despite the inmates' admission to jailers that they were in the United States illegally. He noted that some of the released immigrants were later charged with felonies, including capital murder, rape, robbery and child molestation.

In a letter to Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff, Perry asked that the agency "immediately institute a policy that requires every criminal alien identified in a Texas jail to be detained after their sentence has been served and then immediately deported to their country of origin.''

Perry also asked Immigration and Customs Enforcement to share its criminal database with all Texas counties that have a jail with an electronic fingerprint booking capacity.

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