Saturday, March 21, 2009

Anti-illegal Hispanic woman on the ballot in April 7 Chicago Congressional race

Rosanna Pulido, a native Chicagoan, founder and current director of the Illinois Minuteman Project, is the Republican candidate in Illinois’ April 7 special congressional election. She is also the Illinois Spokesperson for "You Don't Speak For Me"- a campaign of American Hispanics speaking out against illegal immigration.

On March 3, she won the Republican nomination in the state’s Fifth District, and will be on the ballot to fill Rahm Emanuel’s vacant seat. A businesswoman and an advocate for senior citizens, she produced and hosted Caregivers Radio, a program dedicated to the concerns and needs of senior citizens and their families.

She is also a staunch advocate for veterans and for those who serve in law enforcement. She has worked extensively with sheriffs across the country in addressing the many problems created by illegal immigration, and has been endorsed by "America's toughest Sheriff," Arizona’s Joe Arpaio.

Ms. Pulido places the survival of the U.S. above the nebulous "rights" of people who are in this country illegally. About the race, she has said “One of my opponents is Mike Quigley who voted to make Cook County the first Sanctuary County in the Nation. He is very proud of thumbing his nose at Federal law and making his own laws. I am sure he is counting on the illegal alien vote to help him win this Congressional seat.

“The same goes for the two other top Democrats. They are sold out to their special interest groups, which happen to be the Open Borders Lobby. Sara Feinholtz and John Fritchey both ushered in in-state tuition for illegal aliens, they both voted to accept the Matricula Consular which is an invalid form of ID. They both voted to intimidate Employers in Illinois from using E-Verify, a tool that helps businesses identify potential employees that are legally authorized to work in the United States,” she concluded.


  1. WOW!!! It's about time!!! What a concept, protect the borders of the US and stop illegals!!!!

  2. I wish they had included a website for her campaign so I could send a contribution. Anybody out there have it?

  3. Sorry we forgot to add the campaign website. That address is

    Edward I Nelson, Chairman
    U.S. Border Control

  4. Rosanna's action website is it links to her main campaign website:

  5. Illegal immigration to the U.S., and the rewarding of those that do so is a very serious problem in the U.S. today. Please speak out to our government and let them know that you want no more amnesties and handouts to those that break our immigration laws to come to the U.S. Illegal hispanic aliens have brought crime, gangs, drugs, fraud, and all manner of lawlessness to our land, all in the name of cheap illegal foreign labor for the greedy and the corrupt.
    Contact, Numbers USA, The Fire Coalition or the Dustin Inman Society and get involved in our efforts to stand up for America and get our government to listen!
    L. MacRuairi
    U.S. Citizen

  6. Illegal immigration in the U.S. is a very serious crisis in our land. Speak up and let your government officials know how you feel regarding the millions of illegal aliens in the U.S. that bring crime and overcrowding to our land, all in the name of cheap illegal foreign labor for the greedy and the corrupt. No more amnesties and rewards for those that break our immigration laws. No more Citizenship for the offspring of those that break our nation's immigration laws. Anchor babies where not the intention of the 14th amendment!!!


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