Wednesday, March 11, 2009

E-Verify wins six-month extension for now

The omnibus spending bill signed into law by President Obama on Wednesday reauthorizes E-Verify through the end of September, the end of the federal fiscal year. The omnibus spending package was approved by the Senate on Tuesday.

Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., had offered an amendment to extend authorization for the E-Verify program for five years, but that proposal was tabled in the Senate with a vote of 50-47.

E-Verify allows employers to quickly to check the citizenship status of employees and potential employees, without charge. Said one human resources officer, “I hope they keep it. By using E-Verify, it saves us a lot of trouble down the road.”

While those in favor of immigration enforcement have been pushing to make E-verify mandatory, some Democrats, as well as immigration supporters, oppose the program and would like to see it scrapped. As the number of queries to E-Verify continues to grow by leaps and bounds through the spring and summer months, Congress will have to tackle the question again in September.


  1. What liars they are! They promise to create jobas for Americans ...and then they strip the E-Verify out of the Omnibus bill so they can give away 300,000 jobs to illegal aliens!

  2. It's not enough merely to extend E-Verify, it needs to be made mandatory. Right now, only honest small businessmen are using it to ensure that they don't inadvertently hire illegal aliens.

    But the real criminal corporations who are intentionally hiring thousands of illegal aliens are not using E-Verify because it is still voluntary.

  3. Legislation has been introduced to make E-Verify mandatory. It's well written but it is far too generous with the time lines for implementation.

    U.S. Border Control will be asking several Congressmen and Senators to craft new legislation that requires implementation now, when it is really needed.

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