Saturday, March 07, 2009

Iowa’s Rep. King critical of nearly $1 million earmark in omnibus bill for LaRaza

Iowa Congressman Steve King has blasted a $950,000 earmark for a racist Hispanic civil rights and advocacy organization in the omnibus spending bill that passed the U.S. House Wednesday. Senate Republicans blocked the $410 billion measure Thursday night, forcing Congressional Democrats to prepare a stopgap budget resolution to keep the federal government from shutting down.

King called the National Council of La Raza a 'pro-amnesty organization' and said 'the last thing Congress should be doing is handing out cash to apologists for immigration law breakers. American taxpayers do not support La Raza’s agenda or its position in support of amnesty for illegal aliens.'

La Raza has been a focal point of conservative criticism over the years, ranging from claims that it encourages illegal immigration to the United States to accusations that it is exclusionary in its approach to civil rights.

King is not alone in his criticism of certain earmarks in the omnibus bill. Many conservative lawmakers called on President Barack Obama to demand the extra spending be eliminated from the bill, but Democrats were quick to point out Republicans have requested their fair share of earmarks, too.


  1. LARAZA-( THE RACE) by it's very name and actions are a racist organization and are not entitled to any Federal or state funds . If such an organization existed for Whites and were as vocal in their demands and actions as LA RAZA ,Then I guarantee the Feds and the Communist organizations like the SPLC, ADL, MECHA, NAACP,ETC, would be out for blood .How can any so called elected official in congress or the senate justify any taxpayers money be given to these organizations ?This type of garbage must stop and stop now !

  2. Outrageous Congress is cutting some of the benefits for senior to save money, while they are giving away it to a racist organization, which is just enriching their bank accounts and helping the violation of the Rule Of Law. Those in this
    abuse of power must be removed from their job and disobeing the Oath of Office.


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