Saturday, January 06, 2007

Has the National Guard been told to CUT & RUN?

"Cut & Run," a phrase used by the Bush administration to describe how the Democrats would handle the Iraq War, now seems to have become official policy for the Bush Administration, as far as our own southern border is concerned!

Apparently, four armed men, wearing paramilitary uniforms, crossed into the United States near an observation outpost of the U.S. National Guard, sent there eight months ago.

As the gunmen approached, the Guardsmen, following their "rules of engagement," ran away to avoid the encounter.

What? The National Guard ran away rather than interdict an armed incursion onto U.S. soil? Ran away from possible terrorists bent on killing Americans? What the Hell is going on here?

A Border Patrol official says the National Guard troops acted appropriately when they abandoned their post near the border southwest of Tucson as the four gunmen approached from Mexico.

"It's the nearest that Guard members have come to an armed conflict on the border since spring when President Bush pledged up to 6,000 troops to help slow illegal immigration along the United States' 1,950-mile southern border."

The National Guard, following their orders, retreated and called for the Border Patrol to go after the invaders. The BP agents responded within minutes and scoured the area by helicopter and on the ground, but the gunmen were not located.

Roughly 5,700 Guard members now are stationed along the border, more than a quarter of whom are in Arizona.

Editor's note: The program for putting National Guard troops, on the border was named "Operation Jumpstart" in that it is supposed to secure the border while the administration built up the Border Patrol.

It was nothing more than an election stunt and a terrible waste of taxpayer's money. it should have been named "Operation Too Little and Too Late," especially now, when we know they aren't going to interdict even armed paramilitary incursions and they certainly aren't going to build a fence.

America needs to stop trying to solve the world's problems and address a few of our own major problems. It's time to tell South Korea to stop making cars and start making tanks and fallout shelters because we are taking our army home and putting them on our own border where they belong!


  1. Why isn't this report of these armed men crossing our border all over the news. Maybe because of their left wing bias?? Fox was the only one reporting on this. I am so disgusted, this is an invasion plain and simple. Our soldiers can't protect our borders if they are not allowed to engage the men with guns. This is a act of war, no one should be crossing our borders. I think we need to flood the airwaves and demand people listen. What if one of our soldiers were killed! Would people wake up then? Enough is enough!!!

  2. I saw nothing on the local News in Lubbock, Texas about this injustice to our Country. It is an insult to the men and women who are trying to protect our Border and our Nation.

    I agree with most of the prior anonymous person's comment!

    I suggest we Flood the White House phone lines. 1- 202-456-1111
    Please call not only about this Border incident but call about cutting the influx of all immigrants allowed in this country each year.
    Call President Bush and ask him not to sign the bill to pay Social Security to illegal immigrants.

    Before calling you just might want to watch this entire video. It is seventeen minutes long.
    It is extremly informative.

    Enviroment/immigration can be found at the address below.

    After watching the entire video...see if this all finally hit's home?
    Please watch all demonstrations shown on the video or you will miss the entire point.

    We must all use the Voice that has been given to each of us by the men and women who have sacraficed thier life for our Freedom.
    It is our Gift....
    We must use it or loose it!

    Flood the phone lines at the White House.1- 202-456-1111

    Flood your Congressmen and Senators phone lines.

    Don't stop with just one call.

    We must call daily and and keep calling. Our Government must hear the Voice of it's people.
    I urge you. Take action now?
    1- 202-456-1111


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