Saturday, January 20, 2007

The New Face of the Republican Party

Despite a huge uprising among republicans party members. RNC Committee delegates throughout the nation; and vocal opposition from groups like U.S. Border Control and English First, Sen. Mel Martinez was elected yesterday as the general chairman of the Republican National Committee.

The uproar was due to the fact that Senator Martinez has been an unabashed supporter of amnesty for illegal aliens. Martinez, a Cuban who was granted asylum when he fled communist Cuba, insists he does not support amnesty.

U.S. Border Control, as a members of a coalition of groups opposing his nomination, sent thousands of postcards to RNC delegates urging their opposition. USBC Chairman Ed Nelson offered these remarks at yesterday's press conference before the vote:

"Like the President, whose support for open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens, cost the Party its control of the Congress, Sen. Martinez' control of the RNC will undoubtedly cost the Republicans the White House in 2008.

"By aligning himself with Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton on the new, thinly disguised amnesty known as the AgJobs bill, Sen. Martinez has once again thumbed his nose at 80% of the American people and 99% of the Republicans who are totally opposed to amnesty and open borders."

Apparently, the only way the RNC leadership was able to get Martinez elected was to use questionable and, in some delegates opinions, illegal, parliamentary procedures to end the floor fight over his nomination.

Mr. Martinez was elected by an uncounted voice vote, instead of a secret ballot when Robert M. "Mike" Duncan, the newly elected day-to-day RNC chairman, called for a voice vote, in violation of Roberts Rules of Parliamentary Procedure and the RNC's own rules to have a secret ballot on the creation of a general chairmanship.

Editor's note: For the past several years, the Republican party, the party that is supposed to respect the rule of law, seems to have lost its way. In the immediate last election, the party went out of its way to oppose the candidacies of strong conservative challengers because they didn't follow the party line on open borders, welfare and amnesty for illegal aliens. The next time you receive a fundraising letter from the RNC, don't throw it away, use the postage paid reply envelope to tell them "When they close the borders, you'll open your wallet."

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