Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Mel Martinez is a Terrible Choice to be Chairman of the RNC

Jim Boulet, Exec. Director of English First ( , has been running a campaign to prevent Mel Martinez from becoming Chairman of the Republican National Committee. His nomination was considered a "done deal" until Jim's effort got underway.

Now, it is looks like it is really possible to dump him. Jim's strategy was to go directly to the RNC committee people and deluge them with email, calls, letters, etc... and it is having an effect.

The delegates from Nevada are complaining they are getting all these calls about Martinez; Texas delegates have already pledged unanimously they will vote AGAINST Martinez; and delegates throughout the country are taking a second look at Martinez, especially now, when he has just signed onto the new AgJobs (amnesty) bill.

And yesterday's Washington Times front page headlines that the choice of Martinez has sparked a rebellion in the GOP.

"Rebellion is brewing among conservatives on the Republican National Committee over President's Bush's attempt to "impose" Sen. Mel Martinez of Florida as "general chairman" of the party, who favors "amnesty" for illegal aliens. "

Martinez continues to demonstrate that he is on the wrong side of everything conservatives believe in. Recently, he joined Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy and others as a cosponsor of the AgJobs bill, a thinly veiled amnesty for illegal aliens.

We can stop him. Please urge all of your friend to go to where they can find out all the ways they can take action against this latest outrage from the Bush Administration.


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