Friday, January 12, 2007

LULAC-League of United Latin American Citizens

LULAC leader blames Americans for crimes by Mexicans

A federal study of America's "catch & release" program for illegal aliens revealed that illegal immigrants arrested and released for breaking state or local law had on an average been arrested six times.

Responding to this report, the president of the Dallas chapter of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), Jesse Diaz, stated that if Americans want to blame anybody for the rampant crime among illegals, they need to blame themselves!

I'm serious. Diaz asserts that when the illegals come to the U.S., "they're picking up those bad habits of shooting, drinking [and] drugs."

Right, Senor Diaz, Mexico is a peaceful, happy, crime-free, drug-free country. And TIJUANA is sort of like a Mexican Disneyland. What has Senor Diaz been smoking to come up with this unbelievable fantasy.

Little by little, LULAC, like La Raza, is coming out of the closet to reveal itself as a radical organization whose interests do not coincide with the best interests of the United States. And politicians taht are willing to do or say anything to ingratiate themselves with these groups need to rethink their actions ... because the American people will judge them accordingly.

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