Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Criminal who was deported a month earlier is arrested in California

Just one month after he was deported from the United States, Juan Gutierrez Bahena, 28, was arrested in Orange County, California for obscene acts. The man peeked through a window to watch a 12-year-old boy shower and dropped his pants in front of a woman.

Bahena, an illegal immigrant, had been deported May 26 after serving a prison sentence for drug possession. He also has several convictions for burglary and resisting arrest.

County sheriff’s deputies used taser stun guns to subdue the combative illegal alien.

Bahena was booked for investigation of indecent exposure and peeping. He could also be charged with a felony by federal officials for returning to the United States after formal deportation.


  1. Looks like they are going to just keep coming back and breaking our laws. Our goverment just doesn't care anymore.

  2. Could be, Hell, SHOULD be. If they want to come to our country let they stay in our prisons, Where 99% of them are anyway !!!!!!!


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