Thursday, July 05, 2007

Senators facing reelection voted in a landslide against immigration bill

Isn't it interesting? While the cloture vote for the Senate amnesty bill failed last week with 53 'nay's' to 46 'yea's,' one group of Senators voted much more strongly against the bill. That group was the 33 Senators who are up for reelection in 2008. Twenty-three of them, 70 percent, voted against the immigration bill.

These are the senators who need to listen more closely to their constituents than to their corporate fundraisers, more closely to the folks back home than to the Bush administration in Washington. Although voters often reelect their Washington delegation, 70 percent of the Senators facing a 2008 campaign felt it was important that they be on the record as opposing the amnesty bill. Here's how the Senators facing reelection in 2008 voted on the immigration bill:
Democrats voting yes (6) - Biden, Del.; Durbin, Ill.; Kerry, Mass.; Lautenberg, N.J.; Levin, Mich.; Reed, R.I.

Democrats voting no (5) - Baucus, Mont.; Harkin, Iowa; Landrieu, La.; Pryor, Ark.; Rockefeller, W.Va.

Democrats not voting (1) - Johnson, S.D.

Republicans voting yes (3) - Craig, Idaho; Graham, S.C.; Hagel, Neb.;

Republicans voting no (18) = Alexander, Tenn.; Allard, Colo.; Chambliss, Ga.; Cochran, Miss.; Coleman, Minn.; Collins, Maine; Cornyn, Texas; Dole, N.C.; Domenici, N.M.; Enzi, Wyo.; Inhofe, Okla.; McConnell, Ky.; Roberts, Kan.; Sessions, Ala.; Smith, Ore.; Stevens, Alaska; Sununu, N.H.; Warner, Va.

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  1. I hope the poeple who have the power to get rid of the Goverment represenitives in their district, do their duty and vote in the comeing election. I was looking for the names in my area. If they were on the list, I would have voted aganist them in the comeing election. They have GOT TO LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE and not the lobbyist.


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