Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New Haven, Connecticut gives ID's to thousand of illegal aliens

Thousands of illegal aliens in Connecticut became eligible for legitimate U.S. identification cards in New Haven, Connecticut on Wednesday, when a program approved in June by the city's Board of Aldermen went into effect.

The program was approved by a 25-1 vote. Sponsors promoted the program as an attempt to curb local crime by making undocumented immigrants more likely to report crimes or cooperate with local authorities. However, the cards will also allow them to establish bank accounts, access local libraries and use other public services. The city did not predict the effect on the municipal budget.

The New Haven action runs contrary to a growing national trend in which localities are attempting to curb illegal immigration through punitive measures, such as arrest, deportation and exclusion from public services. The New Haven program was fiercely opposed by groups opposed to illegal immigration.


  1. I'm glad my ancestors did'nt come in to U.S.through New England area.Mine had enough since to go to Virginia.These folks are tweaked

  2. Not only are they tweaked, They're real STUPID. I can see another civil war coming on. Time to get rid of the traitors too !!!!!!


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