Monday, July 16, 2007

Who stopped the Senate? The people, that's who

They lined up all the major players - the White House, the leaders of both political parties, the mainstream media. All had pledged their support to the Senate's comprehensive immigration reform bill.

How could it fail? It failed because the people opposed it. Once Senators were deluged with angry letters, phone calls, and emails from constituents, they knew the game was over, and that their careers would be over too if they didn't pay attention to what the voters were saying. The comprehensive immigration reform bill was an insult to the intelligence of the American voter.

Fraudulent arguments and fraudulent procedures rushed the bill through the Senate without committee hearings, with restrictions on debate, with the specifics of the huge bill released only at the 11th hour so that senators would be voting on something they'd barely had time to read.

An argument was that illegal immigrants were taking "jobs that Americans won't do." What that really meant was that they were taking low wages that Americans wouldn't take. Another was "We can't find and deport 12 million people." A much bigger problem would be the tens of millions certain to come in, legally or illegally, if amnesty were extended.

Now those 'in the know' tell us that the opposition to the bill was only generated by conservative talk radio, and there imply that this was due to xenophobia, if not racism. Anyone who opposed the immigration bill will know that's a lie. Maybe those 'in the know' don't know so much after all.

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