Thursday, May 08, 2008

Illegal immigrant in North Carolina jailed on identity theft charges

An illegal immigrant who purchased a Texas woman's name and Social Security number to work in North Carolina has been charged with identity theft.

A sheriff's office in North Carolina received a call from Veronica Arias of Combes, Texas last week. Arias reported to authorities that someone in North Carolina was using her name and Social Security number.

The Texas woman had been contacted by the Internal Revenue Service in reference to unreported earnings in North Carolina. The Social Security Administration told her that the individual was using her Social Security number for employment with Honda Power Equipment in Swepsonville, North Carolina.

Honda officials verified that they had a female employee using that name and Social Security number. After an investigation, the sheriff's department determined that Maria Sanchez, 30, was allegedly using Arias' information.

Sanchez, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, admitted that she purchased the name and Social Security number but refused to reveal how the identification was obtained. She was charged with identity theft and placed in the County jail under $10,000 bond.


  1. Good send him back to Mexico and if he comes back shoot him we don't want to keep any more of them up. We have had enough.

  2. I found this article very interesting. On recommendation of my bank, I have been investigation some odd ongoings with my credit/ssn. Come to find out, someone with the name "Maria Sanchez" in Texas (Database searched listed no town) has been using my SSN since 2005.


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