Monday, May 12, 2008

UPS requires woman to show green card for package

UPS in Miami has set a new standard for shipping companies in the U.S. The company refused to send a package to a Mexican woman living in South Florida because she refused to provide proof that she is a legal resident.

Cristina Bustos, the addressee on the package, told the Palm Beach Post the package contains the birth certificates of two relatives also living in Florida who need them to apply for passports. UPS told her the package would remain at a UPS center in Louisville, Kentucky until she sends a copy of her green card to UPS.

Kirsten Petrella, a UPS spokeswoman, said the company is obliged to follow directives from Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The agency believes documents like birth certificates are sensitive because they could be used by terrorists to get false documents, she said.

The recipient, apparent an illegal alien, clearly showed she has been trained in knowing her supposed 'rights' in the U.S. She told the newspaper said she believes the demand is unfair. Speaking of Petrella, she said, 'She represents a private company,' she said. 'She's not an agent for the immigration service, and I have no obligation to show her my immigration status. We paid to have those documents sent, and they should deliver them to us. There is nothing illegal in that envelope.'

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  1. It's about time to slam the Hammer Down. UPS did the right thing. They also are abiding by the law as far as I am concerned. She can go back, get her documents and apply to come here legally if in fact that she is an illegal living in MY STATE!!! This must get under control. I don't go to Mexico making demands that are against them. Why should we put up with it. There!! There's a comment since no one wants to speak loudly and do what's right.
    That is not limited to just people from Mexico either. This go's for all Illegal Aliens from everywhere. If you want to live here in The Greatest Nation of The World, then do so Lawfully.


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