Saturday, May 24, 2008

Primary season over, McCain resumes pitch for 'comprehensive' immigration reform

Republican presidential candidate John McCain has returned to promoting the 'comprehensive' immigration reform he had pitched with Democrat Senator Ted Kennedy just a year ago. Now, McCain says he would expand visas for immigrants at the same time that he would propose legislation cracking down on illegal immigration.

The remarks were a shift from what he had said while campaigning to secure the GOP nomination. During the primary contests, McCain's support for bipartisan immigration reform proved to be a liability, so he said he would clamp down on illegal aliens before pursuing any other immigration reform.

'I believe we have to secure our borders. But we must enact comprehensive immigration reform, and we must make it a top priority,' McCain said this week, speaking before chief executives of several high-tech companies. 'We must make the best of this problem, and we must attract the best and brightest minds to this nation.'

McCain expressed sympathy for the entrepreneurs' plight in attracting qualified workers. He also took personal responsibility for Congress's failure to enact immigration reform last year. 'The failure of the federal government -- and it was my failure, too -- has had a lot of consequences associated with it,' he said.

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  1. I wish we had a candidate running for president that was for the american's and not for all this other crap.You know your self there is not that many people out there for the illegal aliens. Not the way they have been putting people out of work and how nasty they are especially when they work around the food we eat.Why do you think there is so much illness?


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