Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Nebraska Attorney General punished by feds for refusing to represent illegals

The federal government is holding back federal funding for a Nebraska public commission in order to punish the state’s attorney general for refusing to use taxpayer dollars to file lawsuits for illegal aliens . Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning would not pursue cases on behalf of illegal immigrants. As a result, the state’s Equal Opportunity Commission lost $240,000 in annual federal funding.

The commission’s head insisted that the state’s top prosecutor pursue a discrimination case on behalf of an illegal immigrant couple that was asked by a landlord for drivers’ licenses. Non-Hispanic tenants did not have to provide licenses therefore the commission determined that the illegal aliens were victims of discrimination.

The Attorney General refused to take legal action representing illegals in the case, stating that the 1996 federal welfare reform law prohibits him from providing legal services to illegal immigrants. “I’m not going to use taxpayer dollars to file lawsuits for illegal aliens,” he confirmed, adding that those who are not citizens of this country are not going to get a free lawyer from his office.

Bruning's stance caused outrage among immigrant advocates, who are planning a lawsuit. The director of a renowned radical Chicano group (National Council of La Raza) that advocates the return of the American Southwest to Mexico, says Bruning is allowing people to “run wild over immigrants.”


  1. Thank God for this man!!! I'm sick and tired of funding illegals!!

    If there is anyway we can help fund this fight sign me up.

  2. This is outrageous from start to finish - lets start with the landlord's right to ask a prospective tenant for proof of identity regardless of whether he asks it of all, a few, or one. It doesn't even indicate that he only asked this of hispanics, just that he asked it of this couple, and he probably asked for it because he probably suspected that they were in the country illegally, and gee, harboring a criminal is a CRIME, remember. Then throw salt in the wound that we the tax payer are supposed to front the legal fees for these idiots to sue US the US government!

    Seems like the only people truly being discriminated against now are the law abiding citizens and tax payers! Where does this nonsense end, and pahleeese, enough with the immigrant stuff, we all know the issue is illegal immigrants, not people who came here legally.

  3. What is this?? An intelligent, conscientious public servant who knows the law and acts on it??? If this keeps up, why who knows? Maybe the people of this country will actually be in charge again instead of the present rule by "favored minority groups" including those actually hostile to the United States! If anyone knows where a few more "stand up" folks of Mr. Burning's ilk are to be found, by all means let's put them where they belong - in Congress taking the place of the wimps and traitors presently serving there.

  4. Go Texas Attorney General thinking Americans first.Now throw the stealing theif in jail.

  5. Good for you Attorney Jon Bruning ! I applaud YOU!


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