Friday, December 29, 2006

Are more Americans murdered each year by illegal aliens
than have died in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan combined?

Apparently so. According to Rep. Steve King of Iowa:
12 Americans are murdered every day by illegal aliens.
Add it up. That's 4,380 per year! That's more than 21,900 murders by
illegal aliens since September 11, 2001.
And that's not all. According to the same report, 13 people per day are
killed by illegal alien drunk drivers.
That's an additional 4,745 premature deaths per year.
In addition, although unreported, there has been an alarming up tick in the number of hit and runs which have been unofficially attributed to unlicensed illegal aliens who flee the scene of the hit and run for fear of being deported.
And liberals try to tell you that Iraq is a "quagmire."
If that still isn't enough to sicken you, King also reports that eight
American children are molested by illegal aliens every day.
That's 2,920 innocent children annually whose lives are ruined each year
-- by known child molesters who who would have been screened out if the federal
government enforced our immigration laws.
Yet, according to a recent front page story in the Washington Times,
"Congress will approve an immigration bill that will grant citizenship
rights to 20 million illegal aliens in the U.S. after Democrats take control
next month."

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