Friday, December 01, 2006

Earth to Jeb ... Earth to Jeb !!

Regarding the spat going on between Congressman Tom Tancredo and Governor Jeb Bush because Tom said “You would never know you’re in the United States of America,” referring to Miami. He also called it a Third World Country.

Jeb retorted that "Miami is as American as a Denver suburb." Hello? I was in Miami not too long ago and if Miami bears any resemblance to Denver this country is in bigger trouble than even I thought it was.

Then Jeb called Tancredo a Nut. No, Jeb, you are the nut if you cannot recognize the fact that almost nobody in Miami speaks English; half of its population is Cuban; and, if you stray out of the tourist areas, you will not only be putting your life at risk, you will feel a stranger in your own country.

What is with this family? The father wandered into a supermarket and was astounded by the scanning machine that read the labels on soup cans? Dubya can't pronounce NU-CLE-AR. And Jeb thinks Miami is a little slice of Americana? Beam me up!

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