Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Labor Unions Abandon American Workers to Pander After Illegal Alien Workers

With the exception of the Teamsters, most of the big American labor unions are betraying the interests of their dues paying American workers by supporting open borders, mass immigration and amnesty for illegal aliens. Why? Because they see the flood of illegal aliens as millions of new union members. And bigger salaries for the union bosses.

Anybody with a brain can recognize that allowing millions of low-wage illegal aliens into the country is very harmful for American workers as it depresses wages. But union bosses like AFL-CIO President John J. Sweeney don't seem to see any conflict.

Sweeney issued a press release on December 18, 2006, "International Migrants Day," one of these concepts that only the United Nations celebrate. Sweeney said that he
"stand[s] together with migrant workers and immigrant communities worldwide to call on the U.S. government to uphold the human and civil rights of all migrant workers and their families."

Sweeney went on to suggest that the United States "...accept the standards of rights laid out by the UN Convention on migrants and demand immigration reform that will guarantee that all workers who labor in our nation enjoy full protections of the laws."

I cannot imagine America workers in the AFL-CIO going along with either his support for illegal aliens or his belief that the United States should bow before the United Nations.

HEY!!! American workers. isn't it time you threw Sweeney out of there and hired somebody who cares about American workers and believes that the United States needs no advice from the United Nations!

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