Thursday, December 28, 2006

Media Flooded With Stories About Shortages of Workers Caused by I.C.E. Raids

Pity the poor businessman. We are supposed to feel sorry for him. The mean Immigration people are taking away his workers. This is unbelievable. Those businesses that have been hiring illegal aliens are responsible for all of America's immigation problems, for without jobs, there would not be tens of millions of illegal aliens living here.

Amazingly, these criminal employers who have knowingly hired illegal aliens and, in many cases, collected and pocketed their FICA and Social Security payments, seem to feel no shame and, certainly, no fear of prosecution.

Why aren't state's attorneys general arresting these employers and charging them with the crimes they have obviously committed? Are things so far gone in this country that the laws of the land only apply to some and not all of the people?

Call your AG's office today and ask what they are doing about these criminal employers who are hiring hundreds of illegal aliens instead of Americans.

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